Get to Know Dssentials

Happy Valentine's Day from your newest Detroit couple resource, Dssentials!  We wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves a bit more, and share 14 memories & facts about us as a Motor City couple.

  1. Our first date was in spring of 2015.  We met for dinner at Green Dot Stables and nommed on some sliders before heading to Northern Lights Lounge for a quick nightcap drink.
  2. Our first concert was at St. Andrew's Hall to see Andrew W.K.  This was Andrew's 11th time seeing him and Emily's first.  Let's just say Andrew got on stage, was kicked out, but came back for Emily - what a wild night!
  3. Our current obsession are the brussels sprouts from Grey Ghost.  We order multiple sides of them!  They're hands-down the best thing on the menu, and we'd eat them everyday if we could!
  4. One of our favorite Detroit attractions is Theatre Bizarre.  We've been 3 years in a row and our costumes get more elaborate each year.  
  5. We're both Wayne State Warriors (sort-of).  Andrew earned a B.A. from WSU in 2012, and Emily was the cheer coach for 3 years from 2012-2015.  We just missed each other!
  6. Andrew has a side gig in the city - he's a professional parking ticket receiver.  He even got one on his birthday when out to dinner at Texas de Brazil with family.  He tried to appeal, but the city showed no mercy!
  7. We both work in the automotive industry - Emily's in advertising and Andrew does digital marketing. Our companies are located across the street from one another, so we carpool to work. 
  8. We called Dearborn our home before moving to downtown Detroit in June 2017.
  9. Andrew was born in Detroit and grew up in St. Clair Shores, while Emily was born in Grand Rapids and lived in Byron Center, MI before moving to southeast Michigan in 2008.
  10. We are Michigan Football season ticket holders! Go Blue!
  11. We have a lovable four-legged doggo named Sadie.  She's a long-haired dachshund that Emily got 5 years ago, and she's got a pretty big soft spot for Andrew now (probably because he gives her too many treats).
  12. We've jumped on the Pistons bandwagon since we live just one cheap Lyft away from LCA. We buy nosebleed seats for 15 bucks or less, and have been to 7 games this season. 
  13. As part of Emily's job, we've attended some pretty swanky parties at the Detroit Foundation Hotel. We love the restaurant's ambiance!
  14. We're so excited to embark on this journey together and share our love for the city with all of you!  We hope you stick around and visit the blog often for style tips, historical anecdotes and so much more.

- A + E